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JVS-C960 Series Software      DownLoad

Name: JVS-C960 Series Software
Version: V
Size: 10.5MB

Category: JVS-C960 Series Software download



Cooperating with the launching of Effio camera chipset by SONY, Jovision develops the WD1, real time CloudSEE DVR card – JVS-C960 based on the Jovision patented JV9900 Video & Audio processing chipset. The previewing and compression resolution of JVS-C960 is 960*576 (normal D1 is 704*576). Compared with the traditional D1 compared DVR card, the images of JVS-C960 are clearer and smoother, and the color of images is more real. In addition, JVS-C960 DVR cards have better compatibility, lower power consumption and better stability due to applying Jovision patented JV9900 chipset. Because JVS-C960 uses PCI-E slot whose transmission speed of video and audio is fourth times that of PCI, JVS-C960 can support 64 channels previewing and compression simultaneously. Furthermore, JVS-C960 adopts the hybrid DVR technology which combines host-end software and client-end software together, and lets users feel more convenient and hold surveillance fully.